Throughout the course of my life and various areas of study, along with current events and social media access it has become painstakingly apparent to me that men and women do not find themselves equally responsible for the same things – particularly within the context of heterosexual relationships. A person’s self-identified gender dictates the way that they present themselves and the way they prioritize aspects of their lives: children, family, housework, income, etc. By way of photography and the process of interviewing models, I have also come to the realization that these gender-assigned notions of responsibility have been further instilled by the overwhelming presence of Christianity and Biblical doctrine. As I get to know these models – these women – I have found that they each have their own feelings of shortcoming or shame as a result of the guidelines set before them by Christianity. In addition to this, I have discovered a need for community and acceptance outside of a church environment. My work has led me to adopt the mission of creating a space for community, healing, and encouragement that is independent from these constraints.

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