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We are currently registering attendees for groups. The groups that we offer currently are

  • Depression
    • This group is beginning first. The above link allows you to provide input regarding the scheduling of that group. This link will remain until we have set the date/time. If you need to register for a group, that link is below.
  • Anxiety
  • Grief Share

Depression and Anxiety groups are led by our in-house, licensed LPC. They are considered group psychotherapy. We do not take insurance for groups. The reason that we do not, is because sometimes when a person is experiencing anxiety, requesting insurance information can be triggering. There are people out there who do not have insurance, don’t have jobs that provide it (or are unemployed altogether). By not billing insurance, or even having the conversation, it keeps all group attendees on the same socioeconomic playing field.

The rate for Depression and Anxiety group is $20 per person, per session. If you are in need of assistance with this, but would still like to attend, please contact Elise directly. In the event of financial crisis, we still want to do everything that we can in order to ensure that you can still attend and benefit from group.

The Grief Share is informal. It is not led by an LPC and is therefore not considered psychotherapy in any regard. There is no cost for attending that group.

In order to register for a group, please click here.

If you have any questions, the fastest way to contact me may be through our Facebook page or by emailing

The Core: Overcoming Emotional Eating Habits is a new program, partially funded by the Blue & You Foundation. This program is a 3 month study targeting the causes of poor emotional eating habits to help us be healthier by finding new coping skills.

** You must be in Arkansas to participate **

Eligibility form

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