If you have viewed the body of work titled No Boaz, this is the nonprofit that has been founded as a direct result of that experience. What we aim to provide, aside from art and a place to convene for the purpose of viewing and discussing art – is a tangible third space for women who otherwise would feel isolated and alone, unwelcome in the predefined spaces that exist currently. As it stands now, aside from a person’s work or home, the options for a third space are predominately the following: religious institutions, support or networking groups that convene within religious buildings or under religious pretenses, or exercise facilities. Additionally, in a more abstract sense, there’s the internal space created during a state of substance-induced escape from physical places. Many people all over, particularly in the south, use drugs, alcohol, or other vices to escape from their life stressors.

We are integrating as we grow, many different services that will hopefully improve the quality of women’s lives in the community. In addition to the actual gallery, where local and national work can be exhibited, we will offer various support groups, from substance abuse and dependency groups, grief and divorce support, charitable drives, recreational activities for outdoor events and networking for women professionals. We will also address the need for physical wellness by providing exercise classes like yoga, nutrition plans, and seminars on sexual health. In addition to the scheduled groups and events that will be held within the wellness center, my hope is that we can provide the opportunity for women to find friendship and build support systems where they were otherwise lacking.

Too many women are lonely, isolated, and suffering quietly within their own minds because they don’t feel capable of getting out of that situation. They don’t feel that they have anyone else or don’t have the skills necessary to support themselves or their families on their own. Given a few different decisions in our lives, that could be any one of us. I, like many women I know, have been in toxic situations. I have felt stuck. The Amiee Thompson Gallery and Wellness Center is just as much a place for me as it is for the women around me.

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501(c)(3) status has been approved.

EIN for donation purposes is: 84-2433946

To contribute to The Amiee Thompson Gallery and Wellness Center, find us via PayPal with the email address, or simply use the “Donate” button below.

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